Friday, October 28, 2011

"It Looked Like They Had A Gun" Four Paintings From The Aesthetics and Politics Series"

New Art Exhibit!
Bridgitte Montgomery's art will be at the Beacon Arts Building on Labrea in Inglewood CA. It is part of the "Inglewood Open Studios" Tour and Exhibit. Our studios are open Saturday and Sunday 11/12 and 11/13. from 1-6 pm. Here is the link to the Inglewood Open Studios tour and art exhibit which includes one piece of artwork for each artist participating on the tour. The art exhibit's opening and artist reception starts at 7:00 on 11/13 this Saturday at the Beacon Arts Building. The tour received a write up by the Los Angeles times.

My new art that is titled, "It Looked Like They Had a Gun." These paintings are part of the “Aesthetics and Politics Series” It chronicles police shootings of unarmed citizens across the country. Scroll down and read their personal stories. TRUE STORIES: The Unarmed Person's Personal Story
1. Sheila McCray was a 55 year-old homeless woman who suffered from a bipolar mental condition. She was shot five times as she slept under a blanket behind an apartment complex. Allegedly, police said she reached from under the blanket for a shiny object. (the object has yet to be identified) Officers sprayed her with mace, one fired an assault rifle that missed, and another emptied his sage gun into her. Police believed she was the armed-and-dangerous male suspect they were pursuing. Florida

2. Reginald Doucet was a 25 year-old who was shot and killed by police officers despite the fact he was naked and unarmed. Allegedly, the two police officers fatally shot the unarmed naked man because he tried to take their guns. Community activists questioned the use of deadly force. California

3. Ontario Billups was a 33 year-old unarmed man. He was shot and killed by a police officer. Allegedly, officers had been investigating drug dealing. Police saw a suspicious vehicle and Billups was in a car with his hands in his jacket. Allegedly, after numerous demands, officers claimed that Billups refused to show his hands and made an aggressive movement toward an officer. He was shot to death. According to ABC News, Police Supt. Jody Weis said that people shouldn't be so quick to judge the police officer's actions. She said, "Don't draw a negative inference just because a weapon wasn't seen. Often times, if you wait for that weapon, you don't have time to take an action," No gun was recovered from the scene. Illinois

4. Patrick Andre Mason was a 5 year-old boy who stood 4 foot and 2 inches tall. Allegedly, neighbors called the police because the 5-year-old was home alone in the window with a toy gun. The boy was shot and killed in his home. Allegedly, after entering the residence, the police officer said that he saw a shadowy figure in a dark room that was only lit up by a television set. Therefore, he shot him. California

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