Saturday, November 1, 2008


A curator at the California African American Museum bought this!
ART #1 is Titled, "The Procession" Oil on Canvas 48X24
ART #2 IS Titled, "The Beautiful Banquet" Oil on Canvas 48X24

Bridgitte Montgomery
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Bridgitte Montgomery E-mail: Website: Artist Statement As an artist, I am inspired by my vivid dream states and intuition. The expression of my art is derived from internal methodologies and by the scholarly study of historical and cultural references to the psyche and the phenomenal world. I translate the colors, moods, themes, and the abstract settings of my dream states and visions on canvas and sculpture. The expression of my art also explores universal archetypes and symbols of the collective unconscious mind. My inspiration is constantly being revitalized by the anthropological teachings of Joseph Campbell, psychoanalyst Carl Jung, and black cultural scholar Ivan Van Sertima, . The process of personal growth through life’s varied experiences are also meaningful to my work. Through the study of psychology and art therapy, I challenge myself to explore and express notions of the super conscious mind, the spirit, and the soul within an international context. Every aspect of life may be channeled through my artwork whether it is the manifestation of wonder in life, or the extraordinary in nature, the the divine comedy or the political. My artwork covers a broad range of styles. In a historical context, I relate to the art of Africa, the African spiritual inspiration of the Symbolist and the sublime forms of the art of Harlem Renaissance. In the creative process, I receive a visual impression that is either figurative or symbolic. I translate the meaning into my artwork. I also incorporate the symbols, metaphors, and allegories of Egyptian symbolism, Celtic mysticism, and indigenous shamanism into my artwork. My art challenges viewers connect to the unhindered consciousness of dream states. My art has had a universal appeal based on the supposition that there is a certain commonality in human consciousness and experience.

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HERE IS SOME NEW ART TITLED "The Desert and I" oil on canvas paper

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